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Artistic period 1651 to 1700




1637 (Venezia)


1712 (Venezia)


Andrea Celesti (* 1637 in Venice; † 1712 in Toscolano-Maderno) is an Italian baroque painter.

His father Stefano Celesti was also a painter. He was a pupil of Matteo Ponzone and Sebastiano Mazzoni. In 1676 he painted in Venice the portrait of the Doge Niccolò Sagredo and in 1680 the destruction of the Golden Calf by Moses in the Doge's Palace. In 1681 he received the title of Cavalieri from the Doge. In 1684 he was involved in the decoration of the church of San Zaccaria. According to legend, he had to flee Venice when he represented the Doge with dog-ears. In 1685 he went to Rovigo and then to Brescia, where he opened a workshop. From 1688 he painted a series of paintings for the Peter and Paul Church in Toscolano on behalf of the Delaj family. He returned to Toscolano several times for further commissions.

In 1700 he was back in Venice, where he opened a workshop. In 1708 he joined the painters' guild in Venice. His son Stefano Celesti was also a painter.

Angelo Trevisani was one of his pupils.