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Artistic period 1651 to 1700




1639 (Bergamo)


ca. 1688 (Bergamo)


Bartolomeo Bettera (baptized August 28, 1639 in Bergamo; † after 1688) was an Italian painter of the 17th century.

Bettera was often confused in unsigned works with his more famous compatriot Evaristo Baschenis, whose style he also copied. As a signature he used the initials of his name, between which there is a cross. Like Baschenis, he painted still lifes with musical instruments. In contrast to him, Bettera added other precious objects to the instruments, such as globes, sculptures, curtains or caskets. Bettera worked in Rome for a while, and in 1687 he moved to Milan, where he probably stayed until his death.

Bettera's works can be found in the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Kassel, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and the Museo di Arte Antica in Turin.