Cima Da Conegliano

Artistic period 1451 to 1500




ca. 1459 (Conegliano)


1517/18 (Conegliano)

27 Works

Title Technique
Oil on panel, 305 x 205 cm
Oil on panel, 350 x 210 cm
Tempera and oil on panel, 212…
Tempera and oil on panel
The Annunciation Painting
Tempera and oil on canvas tran…
Tempera and oil on canvas tran…
Oil on panel, 70 x 99 cm
Tempera on poplar panel, 172 x…
St Helena Painting
Oil on panel, 40 x 32 cm
Poplar panel, 206 x 135 cm
Oil on panel
Oil on canvas, 65 x 53 cm
Oil on panel transferred to ca…
Oil on panel, 330 x 216 cm
Oil on panel
Tempera and oil on panel, 215…
Panel, 28 x 70 cm
Oil on poplar panel, 73 x 56 c…
Panel, 300 x 185 cm
Oil on wood, 167 x 110 cm
Oil on panel, 41 x 39 cm
Oil on canvas
St John the Baptist Stained-glass
Stained glass