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Artistic period 1501 to 1550




1500 (Venezia)


1564 (Padova)


Domenico Campagnola (* around 1500 probably in Venice; † 10 December 1564 in Padua) was an Italian painter, draughtsman and engraver and adopted son of the copper engraver Giulio Campagnola (* around 1482 in Padua; † between 1516 and 1518 in Venice).

Campagnola rivaled Titian in Padua in the frescoes of the Scuola del Santo, where both painted events from the life of Saint Anthony, as well as in the frescoes of the Scuola del Carmine there.

Campagnola is a very capable artist of the Venetian school. He was less important as a copper engraver because his sheets were executed with little technical skill and were mostly mannered in composition and form. Out of 14 numbers known from him, ten bear the year 1517 and one (outpouring of the Holy Spirit) 1518, which means that he only dealt with the burin for a short time. Three woodcuts after him also bear the date 1517. Of his drawings in Titian's style depicting landscapes with figures, several are engraved.