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Artistic period 1401 to 1450




ca. 1400 (Vicchio nell Mugello)


1455 (Roma)


Fra Angelico (* between 1386 and 1400 in Vicchio near Florence; † February 18, 1455 in Rome) - born Guido di Pietro - was a painter of the early Italian Renaissance. Vasari said in Le Vite de' più eccellenti pittori pittori scultori ed architettori that Fra Angelico was endowed with a "rare and excellent talent"; he is also known as il Beato Angelico (the blessed angelic likeness), his contemporaries knew him as Fra Giovanni da Fiesole (brother Johannes from Fiesole). In Vasari's biography (before 1555) he is already called Fra Giovanni Angelico.

Fiesole is sometimes misinterpreted as part of his real name. It is indeed the name of the city in which he made his profession. This addition was used to distinguish him from other monks who were called Giovanni.

Already during his lifetime or shortly afterwards he was also called Il Beato ("the Blessed"), which refers to his way of depicting Christian iconography. Pope John Paul II beatified Fra Angelico in 1982. He is the patron saint of Christian artists. In the Martyrologium Romanum he is called Beatus Ioannes Faesulanus, cognomento Angelicus ("Blessed Giovanni of Fiesole, called Angelico").