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Artistic period 1601 to 1650




1578 (Bologna)


1660 (Bologna)


Francesco Albani (* 17. August 1578 in Bologna; † 4. October 1660 ebenda) was an Italian painter of the Bolognese school.

Albani's teachers were the Dutchman Denys Calvaert, then Lodovico Carracci and his youth friend and classmate Guido Reni, who then opposed him as a rival.

Albani produced about 45 altarpieces in the style of the Carracci school. However, he preferred to paint idyllic objects of the ancient myth or depictions, such as those given to him by the simultaneous shepherd poetry, namely Torquato Tassos and Guarino Guarinis. He is said to have had twelve children of such beauty from his second, very beautiful wife that they could serve him as the most suitable models for his Venus, Galatea, Amorine and Angel figures. The landscapes, which often make up an essential part of his paintings, are also full of cheerfulness and grace. But even Albani's contemporaries did not appreciate this monotony as much as they used to towards the end of his life.

He is said to have taught at the Accademia degli Incamminati, a foundation of the Carraccis.