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Artistic period 1701 to 1750




1721 (Venezia)


1757 (Venezia)


Francesco Albotto, also Francesco Albotti, François Albotto or François Albotti, (* probably around 1723; † 13 January 1758 in Venice) was an Italian painter and engraver.

Little is known about Francesco Albotto. His origin lies in the dark. He was probably first a pupil and later also assistant of Michele Marieschi. After his death Albotto took over the workshop and married the widow of his teacher. Throughout his life he remained attached to the art of Marieschi and painted vedutas and landscapes in his manner. Mariette therefore called him the "second Marieschi". His works are so close to those of his teacher that they were long regarded as his works. It was not until 1972 that a work signed "Francesco Albotto F. in S. Luca Cale di ca Loredan" appeared on the New York art market and provided a basis for identifying further works. It turned out that Albotto was more inclined to repetition, mostly resorting to Marieschi's prefabricated formal language and bringing little of his own into his works. Albotto was predominantly active in Venice. His complete works are rather small compared to those of his Venetian contemporaries, although even today newly discovered pictures appear again and again.