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Frans II


Artistic period 1601 to 1650




1581 (Antwerpen)


1642 (Antwerpen)


Frans Francken the Younger (* 1581 in Antwerp; † 6. May 1642 ebenda) was a Flemish painter and draughtsman of the Baroque. He was the best known and most artistically gifted member of the Francken family of painters. He was first a pupil of his father Frans I Francken, a pupil of Frans Floris. In 1605 he was acquitted as a master. 161415 he became dean of the Lukasgilde. His son Frans III Francken (1607-1667) was also a painter.

His oeuvre included allegories, cabinet paintings, history painting, genre representations, still lifes, art chamber paintings (Cabinet d' Amateur), altarpieces and picture galleries. Francken II is credited both with establishing the genre of the Kunstkammer painting genre and with genre depictions with monkeys; both became popular in Flemish painting from then on. The accentuated eye-stars of his figures are characteristic. He often repeated certain features of his types.