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Artistic period 1551 to 1600




1545/50 (Nürnberg)


1591/92 (Prague)


Hans Hoffmann is the name of the following persons:

Hans Hoffmann (painter) (about 1530-1592), German painter

Hans Hoffmann (writer) (1848-1909), German writer

Hans Hoffmann (Politician, 1880) (1880-1949), German politician (Center)

Hans Hoffmann (politician, 1893) (1893-1952), German politician (SPD)

Hans Hoffmann (biologist) (1896-1946), German zoologist

Hans Hoffmann (musician) (1902-1949), German singer (tenor) and musicologist

Hans Hoffmann (architect) (1904- after 1975), German architect

Hans Hoffmann (politician, 1915) (1915-2005), German politician (SPD), Lord Mayor of Neckarsulm and Heilbronn

Hans Hoffmann (bookseller) (1926-1998), German bookseller and writer, author of numerous books on the Harz Mountains.

Hans Hoffmann (physicist) (* 1942), German physicist

Hans Hoffmann (painter, 1954) (* 1954), German painter

Hans Hoffmann-Ybbs (1928-2005), Austrian painter and artist

Hans-Detlef Hoffmann (* 1947), German theologian

Hans-Joachim Hoffmann (1929-1994), German politician (SED)

Hans-Joachim Hoffmann (engineer) (?-1980), German engineer and university professor

Hans-Joachim Hoffmann (* 1945), German politician (SPD), see Hajo Hoffmann (politician)

Hans-Joachim Hoffmann-Nowotny (1934-2004), German sociologist

Hans Peter Hoffmann (* 1957), German sinologist, writer and translator

Hans Ruprecht Hoffmann (c. 1545-1617), German sculptor and stonemason

Hans Wilhelm Hoffmann (1754-1813), Hessian Privy Councillor, Upper War Councillor and editor of the regional newspaper Siehe also:

Hanns Hoffmann

Hajo Hoffmann

Hanns Hofmann

Hans Hofmann

Hannes Hoffmann (1918-1988), Austrian singer