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Jacques de


Artistic period 1651 to 1700




1623 (Dordrecht)


1694 (Leiden)


Jacques Adolphsz de Claeuw (* May 1623 in Dordrecht; † probably after 7 November 1694 in Leiden) was a Dutch Baroque painter.

Name variants: Jacques de Claeu, Jacques de Claew, Jacques de Clauw, Jacques Grief, Jacobus de Grieff, Jacques de Grieff, Jacobus de Klau, Jacobus de Claew Claeuw was the father of the painter Adriaen de Gryff and in 1642 co-founder of the painters' guild in Dordrecht. Nothing is known about his origin and education. Stylistically his early works are close to the paintings of Abraham van Beijeren, so that a training in his surroundings seems possible. Around 1646 he must have moved to The Hague, where he was admitted to the local painters' guild on 15 July of the same year. There he also became a member of the Schützengilde. In April 1646, 25 paintings by him were offered at an auction held in the town, presumably because of financial difficulties, and sold at prices between 3 and 10 guilders. On 11 April 1649 he married Maria van Goyen, a daughter of the landscape painter Jan van Goyen, in his first marriage. Soon after the wedding he must have run into acute financial difficulties again, as in 1651 several respected citizens, among them his father-in-law, gave a guarantee for him. In the same year he moved to Leiden, where he joined the local painters' guild on September 23. 1662 died his first wife, with whom he had eight children. On 7 September 1663 he married Maria de Cherepy. In 1666 Claeuw was mentioned for the last time as a member of the Leiden Shooting Guild. In the same year he moved to Zeeland, where he probably spent the following years. Judging by a "Vanitasstillleben" signed HAERLEM A° and dated 1687, he could have been in Haarlem in the same year. Presumably around 1689, but at the latest in 1694, he can be found again in Leiden, where he was last documented as a witness to a christening of his son Adriaen on 7 November. He probably died shortly afterwards.

Claeuw seems to have painted mainly still lifes and a few depictions of animals. In his early works, he was mainly inspired by the dark, almost monochrome colouring of Abraham van Beijeren. In his later years he remained true to Beijeren's style, but became more courageous in his colouring and painted with stronger coloured strokes. In addition to numerous vanitass still lifes, he also painted a number of fruit and hunting still lifes as well as flower pieces. Some of the genre-like paintings attributed to him are probably early works by his son Adriaen or joint works by the two artists.