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Johann Joachim


Artistic period 1751 to 1800




1720 (Schwerin)


1802 (Plau am See)


Johann Joachim Busch (* 18. September 1720 in Schwerin; † 27. December 1802 in Plau am See) was a Mecklenburg architect and sculptor.

Johann Joachim Busch came from a family of craftsmen and joined the Duke of Mecklenburg as a sculptor in 1748, where he worked under the French court architect Jean Laurent Legeay. Little is known about his education, and insight into the architecture of the 18th century was provided, among other things, by the extensive library of his later client Duke Friedrich. In 1758 Busch was appointed court architect. In 1779 Busch received the title of court building director, in 1796 he retired with the title of Oberhofbaurat and moved to relatives in Plau am See. His resting place on the cemetery there has not been preserved.

After an overall design by Busch the ensemble of the residence town Ludwigslust was created, with the town church from 1765 to 1770, the castle Ludwigslust from 1772 to 1776 and various houses for citizens and civil servants. The Neustädtische Palais and the Neues Gebäude (also called the Column Building) in Schwerin also go back to Busch. It is not certain whether he was involved in the planning of the expansion of the Ahrensburg estate.

His nephew was the sculptor Johann Jürgen Busch. His successor as court architect was Johann Christoph Heinrich von Seydewitz.