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Artistic period 1801 to 1850




1790 (Conway)


1866 (Roma)


John Gibson is the name of the following persons:

John Gibson (Governor) (1740-1822), American politician

John Gibson (sculptor) (1790-1866), English sculptor

John Gibson (botanist) (1815-1875), British botanist and orchid collector

John Gibson (architect) (1817-1892), British architect

John Gibson (chemist) (1855-1914), Scottish chemist

John Gibson (ice hockey player, 1959) (* 1959), Canadian ice hockey player

John Gibson (ice hockey player, 1970) (* 1970), Canadian ice hockey player

John Gibson (ice hockey player, 1993) (* 1993), US ice hockey goalkeeper

John Gibson (track and field athlete) (1905-2006), US track and field athlete

John Gibson (racer), US motorcycle racer

John Gibson (presenter) (* 1946), US radio and television presenter

John Gibson (natural track luger) (* 1980), Canadian natural track luger

John Douglas Gibson (1925-1984), Australian ornithologist

John Morison Gibson (1842-1929), Canadian politician, Vice Governor of Ontario

John S. Gibson (1893-1960), US-American politician