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Artistic period 1751 to 1800




1742 (Amsterdam)


1819 (Amsterdam)


Jurriaan Hendrik Andriessen (* 15. November 1925 in Haarlem; † 23. August 1996 in The Hague) was a Dutch composer, son of the composer Hendrik Andriessen and brother of Louis Andriessen.

He studied at the Utrecht Conservatory with André Jurres (piano) and Willem van Otterloo (orchestra direction), went to Paris in 1947, where he studied with Olivier Messiaen and others. With his composition Het monsterlijke uur for wind orchestra and two pianos, he was the first winner of the Johan Wagenaar Prize in the Netherlands in 1948. Further studies followed on a scholarship from UNESCO and later through the Rockefeller Foundation with Aaron Copland and Sergei Alexandrowitsch Kussewizki as well as at the Berkshire Music Centre in Tanglewood, Massachusetts, USA. Afterwards he made study trips through Italy and Germany. For the coronation of the former Princess Beatrix as Queen of the Netherlands he composed Entrada della Regina for brass, timpani and organ.