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Artistic period 1701 to 1750




ca. 1659 (Stockholm)


1743 (London)


Michael Dahl (* about 1659 in Stockholm; † 1743 in London) was a Swedish portrait and court painter who was in British service for a long time.

Dahl received his education in his native town in the great painter's workshop of David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl. In 1678 he followed an English merchant to London, but shortly after he undertook a longer study trip to Paris. Later Dahl worked for several years in London, where he had returned in 1682. He quickly developed into one of the most successful challengers for the German-born Godfrey Kneller, who at this time was the most popular painter in English court circles. From 1685 to 1689 Dahl undertook another study trip to Italy. In Rome in 1687 he painted a portrait of Queen Christina of Sweden, who lived there. In England Dahl created several commissioned works for the Dukes of Somerset and for Queen Anne and her husband.

In England Dahl's paintings can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery and in Sweden there is a portrait of Charles XII at Gripsholm Castle.