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Artistic period 1551 to 1600




ca. 1540 (Antwerpen)


1596 (Venezia)


Paolo Fiammingo, actually Pauwels Franck, also Paolo dei Franceschi, Paulo Fiamengo or Pauwels Franck (* about 1540 in Antwerp; † 20. December 1596 in Venice), was a Flemish painter, later pupil of Jacopo Tintoretto and from this time exclusively active in Venice.

Paolo Fiammingo was born around 1540 in Antwerp and worked as a master in the Guild of St. Luke. For Hans Fugger from Augsburg, among others, he executed the wall group of the elements in his Fuggerschloss Kirchheim-Schwaben. Around 1573 he settled permanently in Venice, where he became a pupil of Jacopo Tintoretto. He worked on his large painting in the Palazzo Ducale, especially on the execution of the background landscapes. From 1584 to 1596 he was registered as Paulo Fiamengo in the files of the Venetian painters' guild.

Paolo Fiammingo distinguished himself above all in the painting of landscapes, but also created paintings with historical, religious or mythological themes. His landscape paintings, in which he combined the Flemish with the Venetian style, had a certain influence on painting in Italy and also north of the Alps.

One of his most important clients was Emperor Rudolph II. Fiammingo died in Venice in 1596.