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Artistic period 1501 to 1550




1500 (Treviso)


1571 (Venezia)


Paris Bordone, also known as Paris Bordon (* around 1500 in Treviso; † 19 January 1570 or 1571 in Venice) was a painter of the Venetian school.

Paris Bordone was a pupil of Titian, was called to France by Franz I in 1538, where he painted the king and the most distinguished gentlemen and ladies. In 1540 he went back to Venice via Augsburg, where he died on 19 January 1570.

He also worked in Treviso, Vicenza, Crema, Genoa and Turin. In his numerous portraits, of which the female portraits are particularly successful, he knows how to produce an enchanting effect through the splendour and richness of the colouring, while in large historical pictures he is often colourful and hard. But also here he created a work in the handing over of the ring by the fisherman to the Doge (Academy in Venice), which belongs to the first masterpieces of the Venetian school in the composition and the rich brilliance of the colorite. In his ideal female figures he follows the elegance and delicacy of Palma the Elder. He has also created moral paintings (Frauenbad in Vienna), allegories and mythological paintings. His main paintings are owned by the Uffizi and Pal. Pitti in Florence, Treviso (Adoration of the Shepherds), Genoa, Milan, Paris and Vienna.