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Artistic period 1451 to 1500




1450 (Paredes de Nava)


1504 (Ávila)


Pedro Berruguete (* 1450 in Paredes de Nava, today province Palencia; † 1504) was a Spanish painter. He is considered to be in a transitional phase between the Gothic and Renaissance periods.

Pedro Berruguete was born in Paredes de Nava, Spain. In 1480 he travelled to Italy to Federico da Montefeltro's court in Urbino, where he collaborated with Joos van Wassenhove (Justus von Gent). In Urbino he came into contact with works by Melozzo da Forlì and Piero della Francesca. It was probably in the collaboration between Berruguete and Justus von Gent that the series Famous Men was created, which is now shown in the Louvre and the Galleria Nazionale in Urbino.

In 1482 he returned to Spain. He worked in several cities, including Seville, Toledo and Ávila. His descendants include the important sculptor Alonso Berruguete.