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Artistic period 1551 to 1600




ca. 1512 (Sens)


ca. 1570 (Verneuil-sur-Oise)


Pierre Bontemps, (* about 1505; † 1568) was a French sculptor of the Renaissance.

From 1536 to 1540 he was first mentioned as assistant to the architect Francesco Primaticcio (1504-1570) in the execution of the stucco work at Fontainebleau Castle.

His tomb sculptures are well known, in particular those of Franz I's tomb in Saint-Denis Cathedral with its marble reliefs of battle scenes (Battle of Marignano and Battle of Ceresole) on the pedestal, which supports the sculptures of the king, his wife Claude de France and three of her children (the two Dauphins Franz and Karl as well as the young deceased Princess Charlotte). Franz' tomb was commissioned by the heir to the throne Heinrich II (the design was still by Philibert Delorme) and was executed between 1549 and 1559. The tomb for the heart of Francis I, which was originally kept in the Abbey of Hautes-Bruyères (Département Yvelines) and is now housed in the Cathedral of Saint-Denis, is also Bontemp's work.

The monument to Charles de Maigny, who was captain of the royal guard until his death in 1540, was created by him in 1557 and can be seen in the Louvre. The two tombs are the only surviving works attributed to him with certainty. The sculptor Germain Pilon was probably one of his pupils.