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Artistic period 1551 to 1600




ca. 1550 (Antwerpen)


1605 (Leiden)


Pieter Bast (* about 1570 in Antwerp; † March 17, 1605 in Leiden) was a Dutch draughtsman, engraver and cartographer with an impressive oeuvre of medieval city views from the bird's eye view. The high degree of authenticity that distinguishes Bast's topographies is always emphasized.

Already in his youth Pieter Bast came to Middelburg and Leiden as a religious refugee. In contemporary sources he is referred to as a "cunstwerker in chaerten van steden", which indeed aptly characterises the focus of his artistic work. Of his views of the city, the most extensive and perhaps most important is the Bird Show of Amsterdam, composed of four sheets and published between 1597 and 1599. In 1599 he also published two views of the city of Emden in East Frisia. A year earlier he had engraved the plate for the bird show in Oldenburg. The views of Leiden and Leeuwarden in Friesland date from 1600 and 1603 respectively.

The surviving archives give only a few details about his personal fate: on 31 August 1601 he married Aryantje Geryt Schaecken in Leiden, bought a house at the Latin School the following year and died as early as 1605. He was buried in Leiden in the Sint Pieterskerk.