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Artistic period 1551 to 1600




ca. 1525 (Angers)


ca. 1625 (Angers)


René Boyvin (* about 1525 in Angers; † after 1580 in Rome) was a French engraver, etcher and draughtsman of Mannerism.

Boyvin worked for the copper engraver and coin cutter Pierre Milan, who operated a flourishing workshop in Fontainebleau and later in Paris around the middle of the 16th century. At the beginning of their collaboration they did not sign their engravings, so that the authors are difficult to distinguish because of the similarity of their style. Only later did Boyvin sign his plates. Of the engravings certainly ascribed to him, some 240 have survived.

Her copper engravings were initially based on works by Rosso Fiorentino, Léonard Thiry, a collaborator of Rossos from Flanders, and Lucas and Lorenzo Penni. Boyvin's copper engravings give an impression of the diversity of the artistic works carried out in Fontainebleau: These are engravings of ornaments, handcrafted objects, goldsmith's patterns, paintings by Rosso, as well as engravings of works by Italian artists.