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Artistic period 1851 to 1900




1819 (Tóalmás)


1901 (Budapest)


Sándor Brodszky (* 20. July 1819 in Tóalmás; † 23. January 1901 in Budapest) was a Hungarian landscape and still life painter.

Sándor Brodszky was born in the village of Tóalmás, Pest County, Nagykáta County. He studied medicine in Pest, but decided in 1841 to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Josef Mössmer (1780-1845) and Franz Steinfeld (1787-1868). In 1845 he continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in Munich with Albert Zimmermann (1808-1888) and Friedrich Voltz (1817-1886).

He devoted himself to landscape painting and was influenced by the works of Carl Rottmann. Brodszky met the Hungarian landscape painter József von Molnár in Munich, with whom he travelled Bavaria, Switzerland and the Tyrolean mountains for almost two years.

Since 1842 he showed his works from art exhibitions of the Pester Künstlerverein. He returned to Pest in 1856. He painted landscapes in the style of the Viennese and Munich schools of the 1840s and 1850s.