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Thomas van


Artistic period 1651 to 1700




ca. 1622 (Antwerpen)


ca. 1665 (Antwerpen)


Thomas van Apshoven, also Thomas van Abshoven, Thomas van Abtshoven or Theodor van Apshoven (* before 30 November 1622 in Antwerp; † between 18 September 1664 and July 1665 in Antwerp) was a Flemish painter.

Thomas van Apshoven was a son of Ferdinand Apshoven I. and the older brother of Ferdinand Apshoven II. He was trained by his father and with great certainty by David Teniers the Younger. On 22 March 1645 he married Barbara Janssens, with whom he had four children. For the years 164546 he is documented as a wine master of the Antwerp Guild. In the years 1650 to 1652 he first trained Hendrik van Voren and then Hendrik van Erp as painters. Also in 1652 he is mentioned as the flag bearer of the vigilante. In 1657 he held the rank of captain.

Thomas van Apshoven had specialised in rural interiors and rural scenes in the style of David Teniers the Younger, from whose pictures he often adopted elements for his own works and combined them into new compositions. Even today, this often leads to the fact that his works are often confused with those of his teacher, although he did not achieve his quality. He also painted a number of still lifes.