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Artistic period 1851 to 1900




1827 (Verona)


1902 (Roma)


Vincenzo Cabianca (* 20 June 1827 in Verona; † 22 March 1902 in Rome) was an Italian painter of realism and a member of the Macchiaioli group of artists.

Cabianca began his painting studies at the Verona Art Academy and continued them at the Venice Art Academy. In 1851 he became a pupil of Domenico Induno in Milan.

In 1853 he came to Florence to escape the persecution of the Austrian police for his patriotic activities and became friends with Cristiano Banti, Telemaco Signorini and Odoardo Borrani, who introduced him to the Macchiaioli artist group of the realists. With Banti and Signorini he visited Paris to see the works of Corot and Courbet.

From 1859 to 1860, Cabianca spent the period in the city of Montemurlo near Prato, where he created many landscapes. In the following years he worked in La Spezia and Arezzo.

In 1870 Cabianca moved to Rome and began to work in watercolour painting.

His works from the later years show the influence of the Symbolists and Pre-Raphaelites.