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Artistic period 1451 to 1500




ca. 1440 (Venezia)


1501/2 (Venezia)


Vittore Crivelli (* around 1440 in Venice; † around 150102 in Fermo) was an Italian painter.

He was probably a younger brother of Carlo Crivelli, under whose influence he formed and in whose workshop he took his first artistic steps. He probably accompanied him towards the end of the 1450s and beginning of the 1460s to Zara in Dalmatia, where he is still mentioned in 1465, and then followed him to the Marches.

A collaboration between the two artists is assumed for a few pictures that are still preserved today. In 1481 Vittore was first mentioned in a contract for a painting he painted for the church Notre-Dame of Loreto in Montelparo. From 1487 to 1501 he lived in Fermo, where he mainly worked for churches in the smaller towns of the Marches.

Vittore's paintings are in the tradition of the works of Carlo Crivelli. Vittore, however, held on to an old, stricter pictorial language and relied on less dramatic compositions as a whole.