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Artistic period 1801 to 1850




1757 (Scotland)


1837 (London)


William Anderson is the name of the following persons:

William Anderson (Lenape) (Indian name Kik-tha-we-nund; ~1740-1831), Founder of Anderson (Indiana)

William Anderson (natural scientist) (1750-1778), Scottish natural scientist, doctor travelling with James Cook

William Anderson (Congressman) (1762-1829), U.S. politician

William Anderson (engineer) (1834-1898), British engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist

William Anderson (physician) (1842-1900), British surgeon, university lecturer and art collector

William Anderson (cricket player) (1859-??), British cricket player

William Anderson (theatre director) (1868-1940), Australian theatre director

William Anderson (track and field athlete) († 1915), British track and field athlete

William Anderson (ice hockey player) (1901-1983), British ice hockey player

William Anderson (Naval Officer) (1921-2007), US Naval Officer, explorer and politician

William Anderson (composer), US-American composer

William Anderson (racing cyclist), Canadian racing cyclist

William Anderson (referee) (* 1979), Puerto Rican football referee

William B. Anderson (1830-1901), US-American politician

William Blair Anderson (1877-1960), British Classical Philologist

William C. Anderson (entrepreneur), US-American automobile entrepreneur

William Charles Anderson (1920-2003), US-American science fiction author

William Clayton Anderson (1826-1861), US-American politician

William Coleman Anderson (1853-1902), US-American politician

William Crawford Anderson (1877-1919), British politician

William Eric Kinloch Anderson, British literary scholar and editor

William French Anderson (* 1936), US geneticist and molecular biologist

William Henry Anderson (1882-1955), Canadian composer, choir director and singing teacher, see W. H. Anderson

William Henry Anderson (entomologist) (1908-1997), US-American entomologist

William Louis Anderson, Bishop of Salisbury.

William M. Anderson (* 1948), Irish film editor

William Scovil Anderson (* 1927), US-American Classical Philologist

William T. Anderson (1839-1864), American partisan leader See also:

Willie Anderson