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Artistic period 1851 to 1900




1833 (Angers)


1907 (Paris)


Zacharie Astruc (* 8 February 1835 in Angers; † 24 May 1907 in Paris) was a French art critic, journalist, poet, composer, painter and sculptor.

Astruc first worked as a journalist and art critic for the magazines Echo du Nord and Pays. He later founded the magazine Mascarille in Lille and L'espagne nouveau in Madrid in 1872. He was also co-editor of the literary collection Le quart d'heure.

The versatile Astruc played an important role in the Parisian art scene of the second half of the 19th century. At first he made friends with Henri Fantin-Latour and met Manet through this Édouard. Fantin-Latour placed Astruc in his painting Un atelier aux Batignolles next to Manet. Astruc was one of the first defenders of Manet's painting and wrote a poem for his painting Olympia. Manet painted Astruc in Music in the Tuileries Garden, The Music Lessons and finally his portrait in 1866. Frédéric Bazille also created a portrait of him. In his writings, for example, he defended Claude Monet and Alphonse Legros. Among his friends was the painter Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran. Astruc, who was enthusiastic about Japanese art and Spanish painters, later worked as a painter himself and exhibited at the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874. In the following years he turned to sculpture. His mask dealer in the Jardin du Luxembourg is one of his most famous works.